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About Me...

I've been in NJ since 1991, but started out as a fourth generation Bostonian. After 25 years there, I headed out to Los Angeles for two years of graduate work at UCLA and then back east to NJ. Over the years I've worked at and consulted for many companies developing all sorts of software. (Including licensing a cool app to Apple for the Apple.com website!)

Outside of work, you'll find me with my wife and four sons, or singing barbershop & a cappella, performing with local community theater, and taking photographs.

BS in Computer Science from The University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, graduated Cum Laude.
MS in Computer Science (Advanced to Candidacy) at UCLA in Computer Architecture, studying Fault Tolerant Design and Parallel Simulation.

I've been writing software since 1977. You can find details at http://dantowitz.com/